A Full Heart


The journey of Motherhood is exhilarating.  It is chaotic, unexpected, challenging, fun, fulfilling, and most importantly, it is by far the best experience of life for a woman.  Knowing that you have given life to another person so special and unique is indescribable.  I would also never forget the other angels among us who become mommies through adoption or by some path in which they are blessed with a child or children.   No matter the road traveled to become a mother or take on that role, it is one that is more precious than gold and will make you a better person.  Motherhood has filled me with the desire to live a purposeful life.  Things that I thought were important in my early twenties are no longer valid.  It is on days like today, that we as mothers get to reflect on our personal journey and smile at how far we have come.  My house may be filled with toys and there may be some fruit loops scattered across the floor but my home is full of love and I know that these are the best days of my life.  

On this Mother's Day, I want to remind women like myself who struggle daily with the challenges and bumps in the road that it is ok.  None of us are perfect and despite the images that others try to paint across social media, they are not perfect either.  Motherhood has no manual and we are all winging this thing.  I encourage each of you to remind a friend or loved one what a great job they are doing.  We never know how much they may really need to hear that and not just today, but everyday.  The world is such a messy place but we as mothers can make such a difference just by supporting one another.  BE ONE, KNOW ONE, RAISE ONE-STRONG WOMEN (and men too)!  

Happy Mother's Day to each of you!  In your honor, please use code, MOMMINAINTEASY to receive 29% off your purchase over $30 today.